Claudio Gazzotti, creator and designer of the HYD brand, originally from Mantova (Italy), after important experiences in companies in the textile sector, in the 90s he decided to transfer to Oxford in England, where he studied economics with a Master's in Marketing. Here she had the idea of launching a line of Stockings that would be directly related to the world of art and design, two passions that had always been her first professional inclination.

In homage to his stay in England, he created the HYD brand, which derives from the name of a London park that he particularly liked, "Hyde Park".

The company was created in Barcelona, since Claudio Gazzotti has been linked to the city of Barcelona since the 1980s for personal and work reasons. It is a company with Italian production, since he himself is in charge of the design from Barcelona, but the materialization of the drawings is carried out entirely in Italy in the Lombardia area.